Julie is the best Dentist!!
A friend referred me to her about 2 years ago, because I was having a bad experience with the dentist I had. They were trying to tell me I had to get fillings changed out that wasn’t necessary. Went to Julie and figured out that there are just a lot of dentist that try and sell you things that aren’t needed. I have been so happy with Julie and her team. There is a great atmosphere that they create for there clients and we have a great time talking about general things that you would talk about with your family.
Julie and her team are very professional, and honest about dentistry.
It a pleasure going there.
– Cuinn H.

Julie is a very friendly and professional dentist. Our entire family goes to this office and has for nearly 25 years. She is great with children as well as the elderly; so, you can’t go wrong.

Her office staff is extremely efficient and friendly, and in this day and age, when promptness is not common, I’ve never had them running ‘behind”… they spend time with you and answer any questions and don’t seem to ‘overbook’; so, you can be sure they will get you in within minutes of your scheduled appointment.

Dr Herndon has also helped my family outside of normal office hours with emergency situations several times and has a great network of specialists to refer to when necessary!

This office is a win/win… so if you’re looking for a small, personable office, give them a call.
– Kim H.

I’ve been going to Dr. Herndon for 25 years, and she is the best. She is conservative and only does the work that needs to be done. I like it that she never upsells (that is, she doesn’t push cosmetic procedures or unnecessary replacement of crowns or veneers).

However, if you want something cosmetic, like teeth whitening, she does that, too. I asked for a tray to do my own whitening at home, and I am very happy with the tray she made for me. She also made me a great mouthguard to wear at night, and I no longer have jaw pain from grinding my teeth at night.

She is very patient and answers all questions. You cant find a better dentist!
– Debra R.

Dr. Julie is the best!
Once again a pain free, fast and friendly experience. If your looking for a great Dentist stop and call. Thanks Dr. Julie for all the years of the best Dental care!
– Cindy E.

I have been seeing Dr Herndon for 22 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She is gentle and kind and doesn’t do unnecessary work. I trust her entirely and am thrilled that I get my cleanings done by her and not a dental assistant. Her staff is very professional and I feel like I can refer anyone to her and know that they will be receive the best of care.
– Pauline A.

Dr Herndon is the best. Very caring & gentle. Great offices good service. Written by a guy who dreads going to the dentist. She is the best in the business
– Msp R.